Foot Orthotics

Importance of correct foot alignment

  • Your feet are the foundation for your entire body. When this foundation is misaligned the effects can be felt throughout the body (muscle and joint pain). By simply supporting the feet properly overall body alignment can be improved, alleviating pain and helping the body heal itself.
  • To stay healthy your foot muscles need to stay active and engaged. Orthotics and arch supports are often far too hard and rigid, and fail to flex in response to movement. This impairs natural foot function, which over time can cause foot muscles to grow passive, decreasing muscle strength and arch flexibility. So, to solve this problem we need insoles which are dynamic – they support your feet properly to prevent overpronation or supination while flexing appropriately to return energy. Dynamic energy return facilitates utilization of joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and proprioceptors. This helps keep feet and arches active, healthy and toned.
  • Over 75% of the population suffers from overpronation or excessive supination, yet most of us are unaware of our own foot type and how it affects the rest of our body.
Dr Yashwardhan Jaiswal

Yashwardhan FootBalance Treatment Protocol

  • Your arches are analyzed with the use of a podoscope.
  • Pictures are taken of your ankles to analyze your alignment with the help of a computer.
  • You stand on heated, unmolded insoles that have been positioned on the molding pillows.
  • The Footbalance expert expertly molds each of the heated insoles to fit your feet perfectly while maintaining correct alignment.
  • Once the insoles have been individually molded, the Footbalance expert ensures that the insoles confirm to the natural arch of each foot.
Dr Yashwardhan Jaiswal

Yashwardhan FootBalance Treatment Protocol

What are custom insoles?

Custom insoles have been prescribed by a doctor, physiotherapist,often a podiatrist, sports medicine physician, or orthopaedic doctor after conducting a thorough evaluation of your feet, ankles, and legs.They are built for your specific foot and gait, and accommodate your individual foot structure.