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Spine & Neck Pain

How Spine Pain can impact your Lifestyle – Cycle of Deconditiong

Our 21st century lifestyle of long sitting hours on desk and reading on smart phones or tablets etc causes strain on the spine and lack of physical work weakens the core muscles surrounding the spine. Muscles by their very nature “strengthen” only if they are used. Hence, less movement of “core” muscles results in their weakness, bad posture, back & neck problems. This further causes stiffness, pain and discomfort. Psychologically, the person having pain tries to play “safe” and “uses” his back and neck even less, resulting in less movement and more weakening of muscles what is known as the “cycle of deconditioning”.

This negative vicious circle has to be broken. MedX “machines” resolve this issue by testing your spine function and allowing your back muscle to be strengthened in an effective, controlled and medically supervised way resulting in reduction of pain and improvement in lifestyle.

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Knee & Hip Pain

Joint Dislocation Treatment

Knee Pain:
Knee joint is the main weight bearing joint of the body along with hips and ankle. It is a complex joint having freedom of bending and straightening with some degree of twisting and rotation. It is supported by muscles, ligaments, tendons, meniscus and joint capsule. You can develop knee pain at any point of your life if you don’t take care of it and the risk factors which increase the probability of you developing pain are excessive weight, lack of muscular strength and flexibility, faulty foot alignment and certain high impact sports and dance.